Drunkenness in the Workplace

Topics: Employment, Intoxication, Prince, Alcohol intoxication, The Work, Ricky Gervais / Pages: 4 (873 words) / Published: Sep 23rd, 2013
Drunkenness in the Workplace

In an establishment that is very well know by the community, four ladies share an office area in a back corner of an older factory style building. They are not usually bothered by the other employees in the building, which is around two hundred on a normal work day. Friday’s are typically quiet and there are not many employees to be seen. The office managers work a set schedule that allows them to be away from the office every other Friday. Everyone in the department is made aware of the management schedule to ensure that all documents that need approval or signatures are handled in an appropriate time manner to ensure a document will not be delayed by a particular member of management not being there to sign. The newest manager in the department just happens to be a long time close friend of one of the four ladies in the small area. This ladies name is Francine. Francine is a social person who enjoys going out to dance clubs and drinking a few too many alcoholic beverages on week nights. When she knows that her friend will be the only manager in the office the following day, Francine will sometimes stay at her Thursday night social event, drinking and partying, until it is time to come to work the next morning. On multiple occasions Francine has shown up to work drunk and smelling strongly of whiskey. Two of the other three ladies in the office have complained to the manager about the smell making them nauseous and the dangers of someone being in that state stumbling around the work place. When confronted with the situation, the manager will tell Francine to chew gum and not walk around the office unless it is necessary to avoid further discomfort to the other employees. That is the extent of the discipline and the behavior is allowed to continue, placing the others in harm’s way, with no regards to the others safety or wellness. I believe that the lack of morals shown by Francine defines her character. It shows

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