A Good Friday

Topics: Work, Eight-hour day, Nathan King Pages: 3 (1233 words) Published: September 28, 2009
Yesterday was a “good” day. First, I woke up in a great mood, dressed my myself and my son, took him to daycare, then I went to work. While driving in the car, I can remember thinking, gosh I need a new vehicle! I get to work, grab a bagel and a cup of tea. Then, I hear my supervisor tell me, “were short staff today so your on the drive thru”! I hate working the drive but my positive attitude was not going to allow that to ruin my day. So after I have my bagel, I unlock my cash vault and begin my morning regimen to start the busy Friday. I take a deep breath and say to myself, I feel good today so assuming attitudes are contagious my customers should feel good too, right?... Something in my mind told me that even though I was in such high spirits, some sort of catastrophe was going to turn my day from one extreme to the next. Optimism was no match for the obstacles to come my way on this day. I was not surprised when it went from good, to bad, to worst.

Its 8:45, time for the morning huddle …“Good morning everyone! It’s a ten hour work day, were short staff and the lines are going to get tough. Remember, referrals, smiles and gallop are our three focuses for today. Any questions?… well good luck and try to make the best out of today!” While my manager graces the floor with her words of encouragement, all I could do was think about starting work. After the huddle, I go back to the tellers side and turn on the green lights in the parking lot indicating the drive up window is open for business. A crowd is already starting to form. I take the first client at the drive up window, while my co workers tackle the crowd from inside. We are all swamped and its only 9:15. The lobby empties long enough for us to breath and stretch. This is pretty much the pace all morning long. My manager leaves for an important meeting. A second mob forms, people are growing tired of waiting in line so the attitudes and temperaments begin to change a little. We have a system that’s...
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