Drunk Driver Should Be Imprisoned on the First Offence

Topics: Criminal justice, Prison, Sentence Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: May 5, 2013
We all know that criminals are very dangerous persons. They defy the law system we should all obey to. Criminals have to be punished for their acts of violence. That is why they are imprisoned.

The Prison System is the weapon of the Law against the citizens that do not respect the others and the State's Institutional system. A prison is the place where a criminal spend his punishment. In jail, criminals deal with programs of re-education in order to prevent their future crimes. This is an advantage for the society.

We're all afraid of this kind of people. We don't feel safe if they are free because we're aware of what damages they could cause to us. The prison is the proper place for them to stay in for a while.

The Prison system has its advantages for the peo

ple who obey to the law but on the other hand, it has several disadvantages. If I say that it is because I think all of us are humans. We all do mistakes. Every one of us has the seed of violence inside. It could only take a minute to get it out. For example, you are so angry while walking down some stairs that you push somebody by mistake. He falls down and hit to the head. You must support bad consequences for that.

The law system must make difference between a man that made a crime without no intention and a man that made it on purpose. The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Prison System as a Mean of Dealing with Criminals written by Monique Barb for FamousWhy.com FamousWhy.com - Famous People ... Famous Regions, a Lot Of Articles and Free Software Downloads The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Prison System as a Mean of Dealing with Criminals Image Source : prison-penpals.org
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