Topics: Prison, Person / Pages: 3 (663 words) / Published: Oct 9th, 2013
August 29, 2013
Essay One: In today’s society, mischievous actions are often looked down upon and on occasions are subject to confinement to protect others from detriment. Individuals that commit offenses that are punishable my law may be sentenced to a place confinement such as jails, prisons, detention facilities, etc. People who are assigned to serve sentences in these facilities are seen as a danger to others and are best in captivity until these behaviors become either close or completely obsolete. The logic behind this is that a person guilty of a crime will learn over a certain time and mentally break oneself down. Another reason may be that ones offense is so sever that they will have to spend the rest of ones life in incarceration or pay with death. Overall incarceration is meant to be a punishment in order to prevent future activity that breaks what is considered as peace in society. After viewing the description over why someone would be incarcerated, it may be difficult to imagine why one would be willing to head down that path. If I look in the perspective of a criminal I can get a dim idea. Some reasons why is to contradict what society or a government expects of people. At times, living life day to day may seem as though one is already be confined with all the laws and restrictions set upon one. Living life is one thing but living life how others expect you to can drive oneself insanity. Although living in incarceration may be gut wrenching, the fact that one had to be taken from their freedom because they were viewed, as a threat is enough to satisfy some offenders. I believe that people that threaten the well being of others should be subject to incarceration. The reason why I believe this is because I want future generations to be as safe as possible and live ones life with minimal fear. Although this may seem strange, I would completely want crime to be eliminated from life, I think that someone can learn several important life lessons

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