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Question 1
Prior to the launch of “The Campaign for Real Beauty,” Dove focused mostly on the brand’s functional benefits in its advertising. Dove products were packaged simply, and the name “dove” implied purity, freshness and cleanliness. It was also very feminine. To customers, Dove was viewed not as soap, but as a moisturizer because of the brand’s constant emphasis on the one-quarter moisturizing cream added to its beauty bars. Because of this, women flocked to the brand in hopes of trading in their dry skin for soft, smooth skin. Exhibit 1 shows a brand association map for the Dove brand prior to the introduction of “The Campaign for Real Beauty.” As shown in the Exhibit, a lot of Dove’s associations are in the functional category or teetering between functional and emotional. This is because of the way Dove introduced itself – the brand was so determined to set itself apart from its competitors because of the moisturizing differences in products, but Dove became stuck in the functionality view point. It’s hard to create a story and brand personality for something which is only viewed as a functional product. Question 2

The main reason “The Campaign for Real Beauty” was created was so that Dove could become a Masterbrand. This meant that Dove had to expand its product line to include other personal care products besides in the beauty bar category. Dove tried to launch its new personal care products using techniques similar to those of the beauty bar, but to unify all of Dove’s products, the branding team had to create a new vision so that they could sell Dove as a brand rather than individual products. The key brand associations (taken from Exhibit #1) are healthy skin, beauty, and moisture. Dove wanted to introduce deodorants, hair care products, facial cleansers, body lotions and hair styling products. For each of these products, beauty is important. Every girl wants beautiful hair, beautiful skin and even beautiful underarms. Moisture is important for facial cleansers, body lotions and hair care products because you don’t want something that will dry out your skin or hair; however, moisturizers aren’t necessarily important in deodorants. Healthy skin only applies to facial cleansers, body lotions and deodorants, but not to hair care and styling products. As it stands here, Dove’s brand story is inconsistent for taking on multiple products of such different purposes. There is no one association that will incorporate all of the products Dove plans on introducing. Question 3

The brand story of Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” can be broken down into the four elements of storytelling: message, plot, conflict and characters. The message behind the campaign is that all women should feel beautiful in their skin. The plot is to show women that by using Dove products, they can feel beautiful in their skin. The conflict is that society tells consumers what beauty should look like, but the Dove brand refuses to conform to those supposed “norms.” The characters are women; women of every size, shape, color, age and height. These ideas are the backbone of “The Campaign for Real Beauty,” and are also Dove’s unique selling propositions. Overall, Dove’s brand story behind “The Campaign for Real Beauty” is strong. What makes it strong is that it’s never been done before. Consumers are so used to seeing the same faces, figures and ethnicities in advertising that when you show them something different, their interest in peaked. By putting women in the ads that look like anyone off the street, it becomes a brand that is for all people rather than only a certain kind of person. It’s also incredibly strong because the idea behind the campaign opens up conversations about self-esteem in general. The campaign generated a multitude of discussions on the internet about topics like anorexia, body image and race. Question 4

The first of Dove’s advertising as a part of “The Campaign for Real Beauty” were its “Tick-Box”...
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