Target Markets: Dove, Covergirl and Revlon

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Dove uses its website to target real women. In Dove's ads, they use real women. They use women with stretch marks, tattoos, and women who don't use a trainer daily like celebrities do. Dove targets all women of all ages. They want you to know you are beautiful no matter what. You don't have to be model thin to be beautiful. They not only make products for women; Although I have never seen a man in a Dove ad, they do make products for them.

Cover Girl's target market targets young women in their early 20's and 30's. Like other cosmetic companies, Cover Girl targets actresses and singers for their ads. Cover Girl has been and still is successful, although it has put a confusion in today's society as to what women's appearance should and shouldn't be. Women and young teens are confused as to what their appearance should be.

Cover Girl has many famous models; one in particular is the country singer Taylor Swift. Taylor is tall, skinny, and flawless. When women see models like her doing the advertising for Cover Girl, they automatically feel that they should look the same. To me it is also saying you have to be thin and skinny to be beautiful and that is not the case.

Another website is Revlon. Revlon targets women in their 40+ years. Women in that age group have a lot of issues with their skin. Examples include lines, wrinkles and age spots. In 2006, Revlon launched Vital Radiance. This product targeted older women in their 50's and older. Your skin looked and felt better even after you washed off the product. Vital Radiance was a big hit, but sadly it was discontinued.

I think all three have good target markets.. They all let you know you are beautiful no matter what.
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