Topics: Truth, Epistemology, Uncertainty Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: October 27, 2013
1. Qualify the title of the film: DOUBT (Qualify: explain, defend, support, probe)

Doubt is known as a feeling of uncertainty and lack of conviction. It describes a feeling of a person when he/she feels uncertain and confused about a certain situation due to lack of knowledge, proof, or even experience.

The movie, Doubt, is about a nun who believes that the Father of her perish is having an inappropriate relationship with some of the male students, mainly a boy named Donald Miller. This accusation of Sr. Aloysius was triggered after a sermon that Father Flynn gave about doubts one Sunday. Sr. Aloysius and Father Flynn were two completely different people and, based from the movie, Sr. Aloysius never did like Father Flynn from the beginning. She hated him for how he was nice to the students and how he used ballpoint pens, and all the other things that made her dislike him. This feeling of hatred that she had made her jump to conclusions just to get rid of him, although she never actually had any proof about her accusations, she tried her best to find a way to ban him.

Aside from ‘doubt’ being an uncertain feeling, doubts can also be a result of careless actions made because of a negative feeling. Take for example, hatred, just like what was presented in the film. Hatred can lead to anger, which makes you do or say things that you don’t really mean. In Sr. Aloysius’ case, her hatred for the Father led her to make charges against Father Flynn.

In my opinion, the title of the film suits the story perfectly. Not only is it straight to the point, but it also creates a focus to what the film is really about. Unlike other films with long titles, the movie, Doubt, was able to creatively express its character in just a simple, five-letter word.

2. Was Fr. Flynn guilty of the charges against him by Sr. Aloysius? Qualify your answer.

Yes, he was. This was clearly explained in the scene were Sr. Aloysius was trying to interrogate him into finally...
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