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Forensic: Lindbergh Kidnapping and Yellow Pine

By Nguyenn2015 Oct 19, 2014 498 Words
1. What is the crime that the video focuses on?
a) The video focuses on the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Jr. Who did it and did they have accomplices. The video also focuses on who killed the baby.

2. What evidence did investigators have about the crime in the 1930s? a. A homemade ladder was left on the roadside. The ladder left strain marks on the house. A ransom note was left at the baby’s window asking for $50,000 and no police involvement.

3. What evidence did investigators use to find a suspect? What was found at Hauptmann's home that linked to the crime? a. A person paid for gas with a $10 gold certificate, which was used for ransom money for the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Jr. They arrested the person and found the rest of the ransom money and a small handgun.

4. What information does the ladder give forensic scientists? a. They traced the woods origin and found yellow pine. Yellow pine was used for the flooring in Hauptmann’s attic. They compared the wood in his attic to the wood from the ladder and it matched.

5. Why is it believed that Hauptmann had accomplices in the crime? a. He had accomplices involved in his previous crimes in Germany. He had only 1/3 of the ransom money. If he were to have accomplices he would have split it. Someone must have held the ladder to help him.

6. What evidence exists to cast suspicion on John Knoll? What evidence exists to suggest that he wasn't involved? a. John was the name of the kidnapper who took the ransom money. John was talking about Bruno (Hauptmann) and the location were the baby stayed. The court still thinks Hauptmann is the culprit. Both handwritings do not match the ransom notes. 7. What evidence exists to suggest that Charles Lindbergh himself was involved in the kidnapping and death of his son? Do you agree or disagree with this theory? Why? a. His behavior was suspicious and he did not trust the police. He kept the ransom notes and money a secret. There was a rumor that Charles Jr. had physical problems. If that were the case, people would believe that Charles senior has inferior genes. I refuse to believe this because I hate to think that a father would plan a kidnapping of his own son. 7. Based on the evidence presented in the video, what do you think happened? What evidence supports your theory? a. This was a group act. I think the servant helped supply the information as to when the family would be home. She was an accomplice. She provided contradictory statements to the police and drank silver polish and kills herself. John was there also because he all of a sudden had money to go on a cruise with his wife after the crime was committed. When Hauptmann was arrested John left Europe to go back to the states on the same day.

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