Does the Way We Dress Express Our Character or That of the Fashion Designer?

Topics: Clothing, Haute couture, John Galliano Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: October 20, 2008
Fashion is a term used to describe a style of clothing worn by a range of people. Fashion design is considered to have started in the nineteenth century with Charles Frederick Worth. Although the purpose of clothes is to protect the body from the environment, it also reflects our personality religion, social status and martial status. Fashion varies dramatically all over the world, for instance the Indian woman wears much more conservative, traditional garments compared to the British woman where it is much more acceptable to wear much more revealing outfits. Fashion allows us to express our individuality in non verbal manner, even if one does not have a love for fashion and does not dress to make a statement, you are making a statement nonetheless. As Oscar Wilde once said, only a fool would not judge by appearances.

At the start of the twentieth century, fashion magazines started to include photographs and became far more influential which of course had an immediate effect on fashion throughout the world. It made fashion faster and much more diverse, inspiring women all across the world. Vogue started in the United States in 1892 and has since, spread world wide being the longest lasting fashion magazine in the world. It is arguably the most influential fashion magazine at the moment because of its vast circulation to such a broad audience. Vogue gives tens of countries high fashion but also art, culture and politics. This all has a significant impact on what clothes are on trend and influence women and men around the world. This can be argued that it is not ones character being expressed through the clothes we wear, it is that of fashion designers that clothes are portrayed in magazines like Vogue as being fashionable and in demand from thousands of women and men alike.

The clothes we wear can be argued as simply an extension of the fashion designers personality and character as it was the designer’s ideas that made the garment. When designing clothes...
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