Dive Response

Topics: Hypothesis, Heart, Mammal, Heart rate, Scientific method, Whale / Pages: 2 (414 words) / Published: Mar 2nd, 2015
Joe Flanagan
Marine Biology Lab
Dr. Able
18 February 2015
Mammal Dive Response Present in Humans
Dive responses occur in mammals on both land and in the sea. Once submerged, it has been observed that even infants show this reflex. To test whether or not adult humans have this reflex test subjects were used to compare findings based on specific variables. Marine mammals are an excellent example of this due to the fact they have to dive to extreme depths in order to get food.
Marine mammals such as seals, whales, and dolphins exhibit a reflex that allows for them to dive for extended periods of time. This adaptation allows the animal to only send oxygenated blood to only vital body parts. This reflex is due to the vasoconstriction of bradycardia, apnoea, and peripheral (Gokso ̈r). In the paper by Gokso ̈r et al, it is mentioned that all humans have this response. In order to trigger this response, a cold stimulus such as immersion of the face in water is needed. Nervous receptors on the face cause a laryngeal chemoreflex, this and apnoea trigger the dive reflex in humans (Gokso ̈r). Gokso ̈r’s paper goes over the experiment used to measure whether or not humans have this reflex. And in his paper, infants were used to test this hypothesis on whether or not humans have this response. It was observed in the article that humans lose slowly lose this ability as they age. Also, using young lambs as test subjects in another study, they were able to observe that cardiovascular activities were the same. Bradycardia reactions seen in both lambs and infants show that mammals do have a dive response (Gokso ̈r). To test this reflex in humans, subjects were asked to immerse their face in a tub of water and data was collected
Materials and Methods: This experiment was conducted in the Coastal Science Center using fourteen students. Small tuber-ware containers were filled with water to conduct the tests. Some containers held room temperature water, while

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