Sodium Chloride and Ml Density

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Objective: The purpose of experiment of density determination is to determine the densities of regularly shaped object and irregular shaped solids as well liquids. Density equal mass over volume.

Materials Used: Materials used in this experiment was a regular shaped object and irregular shaped object and a ruler to take the measurements of the object. A graduated cylinder and electric beam balance were used to measure the volumes and masses of the object. As well 5-20% concentrated were used as well.

Summary of Procedures: There are three sections of this experiment for section A, a regularly shaped object was obtained and the volume and mass was calculated to find the density of the regularly shaped object. In the second part of section A, sample of metal pellets were obtain and asked to find the density of the pallets. The metal pellets were weighed to calculate the mass. Using the graduated cylinder, 50mL were approximately added to the graduated cylinder. The pellets were then added into the graduated cylinder and to get the volume of the pellets by subtracting the volume of the water and the pellets by the volume of just the water itself. For the 2nd part of this experiment part B a 25 mL cylinder was used the empty cylinder was weighed on the electronic beam balance then 23.0 mL’s of distilled water was added and weighed again to calculate the mass of the water as well as the density was calculated. The same process was performed to calculate the density of an unknown substance. The third part Section C 5-25% of sodium chloride was prepared by the instructor. For each percent concentration of sodium chloride a 25 mL was prepared. Weighing the graduated cylinder before and after the sodium chloride was transferred the density were calculation.

Pre- Laboratory Questions:
1.A metal sphere weighing 15.45 g is added to 21.27 mL of water in a graduated cylinder. The water level rises to 24.78 mL. Calculate the density of the metal. Then density is calculated by the water level with the object subtracted by the water level without the object. 24.78 mL – 21.27 mL = 3.51 mL. The volume of the metal sphere is 3.51 mL. To find the density divide mass / volume. D = 15.45g / 3.51 mL = 4.40 g/mL.

2.An empty beaker weighs 32. 4257g. A 10-mL, pipet sample of an unknown liquid is transferred to the beaker. The beaker weighs 40.1825 g when weighed with the liquid in it. Calculate the density of the unknown liquid. To find out the density of the unknown liquid the volume is given but the mass needs to be calculated. To calculate the mass of the unknown liquid transferred subtract the weight of the beaker with the unknown liquid by the empty beaker mass. 40.1825 g – 32.4257 g = 7.7255

3.A term that is easily confused with density is specific gravity. For example, urinalysis reports commonly give the specific gravity of the same rather than the density. What is meant by specific gravity? What are the units of specific gravity? The density of the object divided by the density of the water. It has no units.

Data Tables:

A.Density of Solids

ID number of regular solid 15
Shape Rectangular Prism
Dimensions of solid 158mm x 74mm x 21mm
Calculated volume of solid 245. 532 cm3
Mass of solid 192.365 g
Density 0.783462 g/cm3

ID number of metal pellets 6
Mass 59.2 g
Initial water level 50.0 mL
Final water level 73.0 mL
Calculated density of metal 2.58 g/mL

B.Density of Pure Liquids

Mass of empty graduated cylinder 62.990 g
Mass of cylinder plus water 88.811 g
Volume of water 22.0 mL
Density 1.2 g/mL
Temperature 24 C
Handbook density 0.99732 g/mL

ID number of unknown liquid 10
Mass of cylinder plus liquid 87.824 g
Volume of liquid 23.0 mL
Density 3.82 g/mL

C.Density of Solutions

%NaClDensity MeasuredTemperatureDensity handbook value% error 5%1.00812 g/mL24 C1.0304 g/mL2.50%
10%1.03144 g/mL24 C1.0707 g/mL3.67%
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