Charles' Law Lab Report

Topics: Thermodynamics, Water, Atmospheric pressure, Boiling, Laboratory equipment, Density / Pages: 2 (301 words) / Published: May 2nd, 2013
Name: Taylor Wright
Lab Partners: Cody, Jeremy, Haly, Eric, Brody
Date: October 14th
Class: Chemistry 20
Charles’ Law Lab
The purpose of this investigation is to demonstrate how water temperature affects the volume of a balloon.
According to Charles’ Law, temperature and volume increase proportionally, as long as chemical amount and pressure remain the same.
Research Question: How does the volume of a balloon react to changing temperatures?
Hypothesis: If we increase the temperature of the water, then the balloon will expand. If we decrease the temperature of the water, then the balloon will contract.
Materials and Procedures:
Manipulated Variable: water temperature
Responding Variable: volume of the balloon
Controlled Variables: chemical amount, pressure, materials
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Charles’ Law Balloon/Water Lab Date Table Water Temperature | Water Amount | How Balloon Reacted | Boiling water | 100mL | Balloon expanded | Cooled water | 100mL | Balloon contracted, fell into beaker |

Labelled Diagram:

Analysis and Conclusion
Based on my date that I have found I can conclude that my hypothesis is correct. That if the temperature of a balloon is raised, then it will expand. If the temperature of the balloon is lowered, then the balloon will contract.
The data that I found is a follows: If a balloon is placed on a beaker with 100mL of boiling water, the balloon will gain volume and expand. If the water in the beaker under the balloon is cooled, then the balloon will lose volume and contract.
Potential sources of error in this lab were: experiment was conducted once rather than three times, water in the sink was not cold enough, water in the beaker was not hot enough, lack of a working Bunsen burner
Improvement suggestions: make sure the plug in/burner are in working condition, monitor the water temperature more

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