Disney Case Analysis

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Chapter 6 - Disney Case Analysis

1. What Disney does best to connect with its core customer is that it has an inviting brand personality and it is not bias or prejudice in the markets it targets. Disney’s target market consists of all cultures, ages, social classes, rich, middle class, or poor, they have a product out there for everyone. Disney does a great job at influencing its main reference group, family, especially children. When you or I think of Disney, we think of a place of wonder, magic, and of course “the happiest place on earth.” We, the general audience have branded Disney’s personality as happy. In all of Disney’s movies, every character lives happily ever after. At Disney’s theme parks, their workforce starting with the princesses down to employee who sells water at the convenient stands do it with a smile. They are happy to serve you. Disney’s “happy” branded personality is inviting. It’s this personality that keeps others coming back. It helps connect Disney to a huge diversified market. Who would not want to be at the happiest place on earth? Disney adapts quickly to a holistic marketing ideology gaining a clear understanding of the needs of their consumers. In being able to identify their market group, Disney is better able to connect with its customers, in making memories and letting the magic begin. Disney is able to offer many products that fulfill this group. Not only does Disney have a theme park to attract its family audience, they also keep their customers engaged through video games, TV shows, and toys. Disney understands economic circumstances and as we go into a recession luxury spending will cease for many. Disney marketers understand that theme park sales will decrease, due to hard economic times. Understanding the consumers buy trend to spend on a needs rather than a want basis keeps Disney’s audiences and consumers connected to Disney in other ways. Through products such as movies, TV. shows, video games, toys, dolls, etc.,...
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