Disfunctional Familys 1

Topics: Family, Persistent vegetative state, Dysfunctional family Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Yusra Aleem-Uddin
Ms. Kennedy
4 December 2014
Dysfunctional Families are identified with child abuse, murder and systems within the family. An example of dysfunctional family is found an article from News24.com about a two-year old girl named Baby L “collapsed and bit her jaw tightly before she was taken to hospital in a coma, the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria heard on Wednesday.” This case involved her mother and her boyfriend and the baby. The circumstances involved in this case are that “The mother and boyfriend have denied trying to kill the child, abusing her, and depriving her of medical care.” The boyfriend had said that "I pushed my finger into her mouth and tried to open her mouth. When her mouth opened mucus came out. When I hit her on her back to get the mucus out, I realised she stopped breathing. I screamed her name; I was in a state of panic." The doctor’s at the hospital stated that the two-year old “had bleeding in her brain, a fractured hip, blood in her abdomen, a bruised kidney, a serious injury to the pancreas and bruises all over her body. She was in a vegetative state because of severe brain damage.” Baby L’s previous history indicates that Baby L has been injured before from falling down the stairs and a fall from a washing machine while in the mother's boyfriend's care. This indicates that Baby L may have been subject to abuse in the hands of the mother's boyfriend's. Also the mother didn’t take proper attention to this situation. This is an example of dysfunctional family because the mother didn't take proper care

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