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Problem 7.1.2 Autopsy Report Template

Autopsy Report
Office of the PLTW County Coroner Name Molly stuart Date 11/1/2014
Gender M/(F) (Circle one) External Examination
Height: 5’4’’ Weight (lb): 120 Age (if known): 17 Time/Date of Death (if known): reported missing on thursday found friday at 4PM General Observations: cuts and bruises all over her body riding pants are torn deep lacerations on the victims face major trauma to the back of the victims skull bump and bruising on skull suggests she has a fractured skull maybe hit with a hard heavy object her face is badly beaten besides lacerations her face appears to be crushed inwards like she was stepped on no visible injuries in her hands however she does have scratch marks on the inside of her arms suggesting she was defending herself from someone of something no signs of sexual assault however will not be able to give a clear answer until internal autopsy is completed

Internal Examination Organ
Weight (g)

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37 grams

adipose tissue is forming (normal during teen development), normal pinkish gray coloring, soft tissue. Thyroid


Right Lung

Left Lung


Gall Bladder




Small Intestine



pleural surfaces are translucent, smooth and glistening 450gm

the parenchyma is pink and normal


Normal weight surfaces are glistening and unremarkable. pericardium intact

2 ounces

pear shaped hollow organ, normal no gallstones appear to be forming


the liver is shriveled and under weight and also discolored kidney stone is forming in the liver


brown flat, oval shaped, tough connective tissue capsule surrounds the

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