Dimensions of Health

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Definitions of the dimensions of health
Humans have been around for many centuries. In this century, we are growing more aware of the negative effects illness and stress have on the human body. We are also becoming aware of the necessary steps needed to be healthy and accomplish a longer life span. With the ever-growing number of diseases around the human population, it is imperative that humans realize the importance of being healthy. People believe health is attained by just eating healthy foods, and exercising but that is not the case. Different components compile a human beings overall health; the components are called six different dimensions. The different dimensions are physical, psychological, spiritual, social, intellectual, and environmental. This paper will discuss and define each of the six dimensions of health. Physical

One of the components of health is physical; it is viewed in the human body. If one eats nutritious foods and exercises regularly, one can ward off many illnesses. Eating and exercising regularly does not guarantee a person to have optimum health. One must also avoid detrimental conducts and avoid harmful substances, such as alcohol, and cigarettes. Psychological

Like physical health, psychological healthy is another component of a healthy human being. According to Hales (2003), psychological health consists of emotional health dealing with feelings and mental health dealing with thoughts. To be psychologically healthy one must know how one feels and react appropriately. One cannot react negatively without thinking things thoroughly. A person that is not psychologically healthy can injure themselves or other people. Spiritual

Another component of health is spiritual health. Spiritual health is the ability of human beings to believe in an ultimate higher force working in their life. According to Hales (2003) 95 percent of Americans believe in God and they also believe that prayer can cause God to grant miracles and cure...

References: Hales, D. (2003). An invitation to health. (10th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.
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