Digitalization of “Content” Using “Content Management System” with Validation and Authentication of Credential and Process

Topics: Enterprise content management, Process management, Content management system Pages: 9 (2981 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Digitalization of “Content” using “Content Management System” with validation and authentication of credential and process Sri Gunamoy Hazra (Lecturer, B.B College, Burdwan University) Dr. Parimalendu Bandyopadhya (Asst. Professor North Bengal University) Sri Joydeep Chowdhury (Former Lecturer B. B College)

ECM (Enterprise Content Management System) is being considered one of the emerging technologies which not only provide “Enterprise Business Processing Support” but also enable the organization to compete among the different operators and leaders of particular sectors. Now a day the organization are giving more emphasis on “Leveraging capability of Business Process according to the need” and “Co-ordination of different phases and process to satisfy the Business and Client requirement”. Organizations increasingly wanted to be able to leverage the capabilities of multiple ECM/EDMS products. Consider, for example, the needs of a customer service department, where imaging, document management, and workflow functionality could be brought together to allow agents to access any information needed to resolve a customer inquiry. Likewise, an accounting department could access supplier invoices from a COLD/ERM system, purchase orders from an imaging system, and contracts from a document management system as part of an approval workflow. The co-ordination of different phase of “Document Processing Business Process or Approval and workflow based Business Process” may require the synchronization. For example, in a PWD department a hard copy document submitted for approval will be uploaded to the next phase of “Automated Workflow Process” if the signature of the authorize clerk of respective department is verified and respective privileges are observe. Similarly, the document will be contain the signature of authorized officer after approval as a hard copy. The following process cycle will depict the how this will work:

The viability of the “Research Work” will not only enhance the capability of “Enterprise Content Management System”, but, it also enhance the capability of “Integrated Supply Chain Management System”, “Integrated Human Resource Management System”, “Integrated ERP” and “Integrated CRM” etc, with “Document Management System”. The sectors such as especially “Information Technology/ITES”, “Retail”, ”Utilities”, ”Banking and Finance” etc will increase the productivity at least 30% after implementation of these application. Rationality for choosing the topic:

The integration of “Enterprise Content Management System” with other packages and applications - will fill up the gap between the implementation and planning of business process and enhance the capability, process optimization and optimal utilization of process, better business logic mapping, large market coverage, customer satisfaction, advantage in competitive world, market value, social responsibility, optimal resource utilization, employee satisfaction and organization growth etc. 1)Execution of highly planed “Business Process”:The approach will automate the “Business Process” which require the verification and validation of documents and capture the data from respective documents. The which fill up the gap between the implementation and planning of business process. Suppose, in “Banking System” if somebody want to draw a cheque or want to with draw a cheque, the road block of the process is “Capture the signature of applicant and capture the DD number”. The “Capture Module” which is a image processer is capture the “signature” and verify this with respective applicant signature. If verification is done then it will approve the DD and save the information.

2)Enhance the capability of “Service Provider”: It can enhance the “Capability” of organization by implementing, reengineering and automate the “Business Process”. In insurance industry, for insurance claim its need to verify and validate the signature and other documents of...
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