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Assessment of an Enterprise-Level Business System
May 16, 2011

* This paper discusses the importance of systems requirements and the areas relevant to the assessment of an enterprise-level business system. By identifying process mapping methodologies and process mapping tools IT professionals are able to form a complete assessment of current business systems and future needs. * Introduction

* The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process that involves five basic steps that uses a systems approach for problem solving. The second of these steps is the analysis phase. This is the stage where the analyst must first understand the current system then determine how to meet the customer’s needs. Through various practices the analyst is able to create a solution to the problem as defined by the company. * Information-Gathering

Information gathering is vital to analyzing requirements. Many of the techniques that are currently used have been in play since the inception of the SDLC. The most common of these techniques are interviews and questionnaires. This method allows IT professionals to poll the customer and obtain feedback of current systems and future needs. By engaging these users the analyst can obtain information on what the current system is lacking and where improvements need to be targeted. Many analysts will use a focus group as another method to gather information when trying to determine user requirements. A focus group can consist of subject matter experts, technical specialists, and end users. The focus group should target a core group of employees that interact with the current system on a daily basis. Once the analyst has a solid understanding of the current system they might use a third method called observation. In this scenario the analyst will observe different user groups to determine how they interact with the current system an try to determine what processes can be streamlined or need...

References: Motiwalla, L.F. (2009). Enterprise systems for management, 1e. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection.
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