Analysis of eBusiness Solutions Providers: IBM, Wipro Technologies, Samsung

Topics: Supply chain management, Business intelligence, Enterprise resource planning Pages: 4 (1032 words) Published: September 24, 2007
Critical Thinking and a Democracy Society
E-business solutions

The convergence of the Internet and emerging technologies has drastically changed the way companies do business. Most companies are looking for a way to understand the mission-critical challenges they are facing as a result of the e-business revolution. In its simplest terms, e-business (electronic business) takes key business processes and transforms the way a company does business by making efficient and cost-effective use of the Internet. Often companies redefine and reengineer their operations, their resources, core business skills and investment in technology to effectively reach the expanding global marketplace. Selecting a firm to provide e-business expertise and solutions can have long-term and critical implications. The stakes are high. That is why companies need to select a partner who will assess their operations and mission-critical applications, and help them realize new opportunities by providing solutions that maximize technology and optimize existing resources. The challenge and opportunity presented by e-business requires perceptive businesses to maximize their existing resources while investigating new and better ways to move their products and services to the forefront of this marketplace.

This paper will examine and discuss three vendors that offer e-business solutions, including EDI, CRM, SCM, ERP and MRP. The paper will focus on success stories with clients and what the benefits are to companies in meeting their overall business goals.

In the uncharted waters of e-business, companies can run the risk of going blindly down a path that can cripple their investment and initiative. Some companies can and have successfully executed a superior solution and created a cyber gold mine. For others, the maze of options requires a guiding hand. Leading strategic e-business consulting companies can catapult and enhance a company's ability to succeed in the...

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