Diffusion in Gases

Topics: Gas, Temperature, Carbon dioxide Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Experiment #1
Date: September 13, 2011
Title: Diffusion in Gases I
Aim: To observe the diffusion of bromine
Apparatus and Materials: Glass tube, bromine, fume chamber
-Liquid bromine was placed in a jar and covered
Observations: When first placed in the jar the original color of bromine was red-brown. As it began to diffuse its color changed from dark brown to a lighter brown until it becomes a yellow-like orange color. As it was diffusing liquid bromine changes its state to gaseous. With an odour given off smelling similar to household bleach. Even though the diffused gas had reached the top of the jar some amount of liquid bromine remained at the bottom of the container. Results: Liquid bromine changed to gas and diffused until the jar was completely filled with gaseous bromine. Discussion: Diffusion is one of the fundamental processes by which material moves. Diffusion is a consequence of the constant thermal motion of atoms, molecules, and particles, and results in material moving from areas of high to low concentration. Thus the end result of diffusion would be a constant concentration, throughout space, of each of the components in the environment. The particle theory states that matter is made up of tiny particles that are in constant motion and are held together by very strong electric forces. The state that the matter is in determines how quickly diffusion will take place. Gas particles have the most energy out of the three states of matter. Gases are known to expand to fill any available space that exists. There was a high concentration of liquid bromine at the bottom of the container. Diffusion took place so that there was and even concentration of bromine throughout the jar. The gas particles of bromine were in constant motion and expanded until it had reached the edge of the container. Conclusion: Bromine diffused throughout the container until there was a constant concentration throughout the container. Precautions:...
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