Difficult in Pronunciation for Second Learner

Topics: Phonology, Stress, English language Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Pronunciation mistakes that students often encounter.
From the results of Table 1, the data revealed the word stress errors of first- year students student often committed considered as the most popular problem (41). In 2005, Gilbert raised one reason which explained the reason why students often encountered this mistake that students tended to think that word stress is some sort of added decoration, or else they do not notice it at all. Moreover, word stress is big challenge for Vietnamese students because their mother tongue does not stress on each word as English pronunciation. Word stress can be varied according to the different kind of words and it can become more and more difficult to define main stress. As a result, many people said that they often forgot or omitted stress on word. It leads to common mistakes for most of students had flat intonation. Flat intonation made students difficult to express their ideas to listeners. As integrated in Table 1, many students were chose that they had problem with ending sounds (29). Ending sounds mistake which is stated as the lack of clear circulation of the ends words (Donald, 1995). It can be explained that Vietnamese people do not release word-final voiced consonant in mother tongue (Thompson, 1965). This can be regarded ending sounds as the most common errors of Vietnamese learners, as based on an earlier research by Australian government publication Asian language Motes. Encountering with final sounds problem that possibly led to the lack or wrong linking sounds. In terms of Vietnamese language, there is no “linking sounds”, all the tone is pronounced separately. This situation makes it difficult for native speakers of English to understand Vietnamese leaner of English. It can be said that linking sounds problem derive from the lack of listening the sounds from native speakers accent. From all the above mentioned, pupils had the mistakes from the beginning of learning English when the first pronunciation...
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