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Vowels Speech sounds can be classified and described in articulatory, acoustic and auditory terms. On the basis of these terms the two broad categories in which the speech sounds in any language can be classified are vowels and consonants. Consonants are best described in articulatory terms because there is some type of closure or narrowing of the air passage to the extent that there is audible friction during the production of that sound. But in case of the production of vowels as there is no closure...

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Classifying the Vowels Sounds of English.

- http://www.indiana.edu/~gasser/L503/vowels.gif Classifying the Vowels Sounds of English The classifcation of vowels is based on four major aspects: Tongue height - according to the vertical position of the tongue (high vowels, also referred to as close; low vowels, also referred to as open; intermediate - close-mid and open-mid) Frontness vs. backness of the tongue - according to the horizontal position of the highest part of the tongue. Lip rounding - whether the lips are rounded...

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Vowels Sounds

Symbols English Speech Sounds: Vowel Sounds Front Vowels 1. / i: / ي - it is found in the words like; eat, tea, seen (long high front spread vowel) 2. / ɪ / - it is found in the words like; bit, pin, silly (short high front spread vowel) 3. /e/ - it is found in the words like; bet, tent, head (short mid front spread vowel). 4. / æ / - cat, fat, dad (short low front spread vowel). Central Vowels 5. /ɜ:/ ۀ - (Position: Central, Lips: Neutral, Long vowel); this may also be shown by the...

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Vowels in English Gramar

Phonetics The English Vowels and Diphthongs There are 5 vowels and 2 semi-vowels (Y and W). But there are from 11 to 20 "vowel sounds" in English, made by one or more vowels in various words. Vowels in the English Alphabet The 5 traditional vowels are A, E, I, O, and U. However, in English the the letters W and Y can also represent vowel sounds, but they don't always do so. Hence, they may be considered vowels "sometimes". Examples with Y and W as vowels: In the word "by" [ˈbɑɪ]...

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Phonetics: Vowel and Stress

and a diphthong? Give some examples. The main difference is that a monophthong is a phoneme that consists of only one ("mono" means one) vowel sound and a diphthong is a phoneme consisting of two ("di" means two) vowel sounds that are "connected" or "linked" to each other. The diphthong starts out with one vowel sound and "glides" into the other vowel sound. These "vocalic glides" are always within one syllable. The monophthongs have a quite stable tongue position. The monophthongs can be either...

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Vowel and Introduction Onomatopoeia

them because of its tremendous number and complex pronunciation system. This small article mainly focus on the origin of onomatopoeia, the function of it and the pronunciation of these words. The most important thing is the connection between the vowel symbol and the sound it indicate. Through examples, I think the main thoughts can be expressed clearly. 1、The Definition and Origin of Onomatopoeia 1.1 The definition of onomatopoeia To learn this word, we'd better refer to some different English...

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Types of English vowels

Introduction Vowel sounds present a considerable challenge to non-native speakers. Spoken English has an unusually high number of vowel sounds - from 5 written vowels (a, e, i, o, u) we produce 19 vowel sounds (see chart below). Do you know how many vowel sounds your language has? If it has less than English, you will need to learn the new sounds. Types of Vowel Sound A vowel sound is made by shaping the air as it leaves the mouth. There are four types of vowel in English: Short monothongs...

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connected speech

prepositions are not usually stressed, and are reduced to keep the stress pattern regular. This means that they are said faster and at a lower volume than stressed syllables, and the vowel sounds lose their purity, often becoming a schwa. The same thing happens with individual words. While stressed syllables maintain the full vowel sound, unstressed syllables are weakened. For example, the letters in bold in the following words can all be pronounced with a schwa (depending on the speaker's accent): support...

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Analyzing Rhetorical Devices In JFK's speech.

suspicion, let both sides join in creating a new endeavor -- not a new balance of power, but a new world of law -- where the strong are just, and the weak secure, and the peace preserved. Assonance: repetition of vowel sounds in non-rhyming words: “Hear the mellow wedding bells.: (short e vowel sound) Examples: Consonance: repetition of consonant sounds within words or ending words: first & last, odds & ends, short & sweet Examples: Metaphor: implied comparison through a figurative, not literal...

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Focus on the Learner

obvious weakness in skimming texts, Muftah displayed mistakes which were typical to those of an Arab learner in pronunciation and grammar. When conducting a pronunciation exercise, his vowels were incorrectly placed most of the time; this may be due to interference from his L1 because Arabic has a different number of vowel sounds from English. Wednesday: /wenɪzde/ - scholastic: /skɒlstɪk/ - sporadic: /spɒrdɪk/ Thursday: /teresde/ - Shirt: /ʃeɪrt/ - socks: /sʌks/ - clothes: /klɒdɪs/ Department: /dɪpærtəmɪnt/...

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