Difference Between Functional Manager and Project Manager

Topics: Cost-benefit analysis, Welfare economics, Project management Pages: 7 (2187 words) Published: October 14, 2012


1. He is in-charge of a firm’s functional depts. Such as marketing, engg., or finance. 2. They are more skilled at analysis. Such heads are specialists in certain areas only. 3. They are analytical in approach (breaking the system into smaller and smaller elements) and they know something abt. the operation for which they are responsible. 4. In case of any difficulty, they know how to analyze and attack it. 5. They are administratively responsible for deciding how something will be done, who is going to do it, and what resources will be devoted to accomplish a task. 6. He is a direct, technical supervisor.

7. He should have knowledge in the technology of the process being managed. 8. The FM cannot allow the PM in taking control of the technical decisions in the functional areas or to control the assignment of the functional area personnel.

1. A PM starts his career as a specialist in some field, later on being promoted to some higher post. 2. He is required to be more skilled at synthesis.
3. The PM uses a system approach i.e. understanding the organizational problem, for which the project is a part, the organization for which the program exists, as well as the environment of the organization. 4. The PM is a facilitator and generalist.

5. He should be competent in the science of project along with having the technical competence in some aspects. 6. He is responsible for organizing, planning, budgeting, directing, planning, and controlling the project. Economic Analysis:

1) Economic analysis is also referred to as social cost benefit analysis. 2) It is concerned with judging the project from a large social point of view. 3) The focus is on the social costs and benefits of a project that may often be different from its monetary costs and benefits. 4) The questions that are sought to be answered in this social cost benefit analysis are: a. What are the direct economic benefits and costs of the project measured in terms of shadow prices and not in terms of market prices? b. What would be the impact of the project on the distribution of income in the society? c. What would be the impact of the project on the level of savings and investment in the society? d. What would be the contribution of the project towards the fulfillment of certain merit wants like self-sufficiency, employment & social order?

Management Design
Design is the meaningful representation of something that is to be built. In the project management concept design focuses on 4 major areas: 1. Data2. Architecture3. Interfaces4. Components
Project Design is the first of the 3 technical activities that are required to build and verify the software.1. the data design transforms the information created during analysis into the data structure that will be required to implement the software. The data objects and relationship defines in the ER diagram and the detail data contents depicted in the data dictionary provides the basis in data design activity.2. the architecture design defines the relationship between the structure elements and the design platforms that can be used to achieve the requirements that have been designed for the system. 3. The interface design describes how the software communicates with itself and the system and interface implies a flow of information and the specific type of behavior.4. the component level design transforms the structural elements of the software architecture into a procedural description of software component.


A project is said to be terminated when work on the substance of project has seized or slowed to the point that further progress on the project is no longer possible. Following are the types of termination: 1. Termination by extinction: The...
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