Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Dieting Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: May 10, 2014
Indira Kazong
English 1010
Professor Jordan
24th November, 2013.

Dieting Dieting is a kind of eating habit people practice to either gain, maintain or lose weight. People do all sorts of things now a days just to be comfortable in their own body. However, this is only natural because as humans, we are never satisfied. Fat people want to be smaller and skinny people want to be fat. And even when this happens, they want to be the way they were before. How hilarious! From my point of view, I know dieting is often associated with people who do a lot of physical exercise to lose weight and also those trying to build muscles. Some people ignorantly dive in to dieting to lose weight when they are not even obese. People should actually note that this can lead to weight loss as intended, but it can also lead to the loss of some important body contents. The main point here is not only dieting can solve our body problems. Sometimes, it has a lot to do with our physical exercise. It is sad that some people do dieting without even doing enough exercise and this eventually causes some damage in their bodies. This is a very big issue in America specifically, where people do not sweat often. Some of the dead tissues in our bodies need to be eliminated. And if someone is on a diet and does not exercise, this instead leads to more harm than good. This makes some people to ask questions like, “why diets don’t work?” My advice is people should see a good doctor before partaking in this journey. Diets do not tell us to change our way of living and eating. This is why people cannot remain smaller once they have actually lose weight. Dieting does not tell us to stop eating healthy. As a matter of fact, eating less food actually make our metabolism to slow and our bodies will cling on to the fat to survive. So, this practically makes it harder to lose weight.
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