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Management On Coca Cola

The Partial Requirement for The Fulfillment of the MBA Degree






Topics Introduction Vision of coca cola Mission Statement of coca cola Value of coca cola Objective of coca cola Goal of coca cola History of Coca Cola Coca Cola in Pakistan Today of coca cola Market Conduction Market Position Organizational Hierarchy Board of directors Financial data Business Portfolio and Growth Strategies of Coke Portfolio Portfolio analysis SWOT analysis Five forces applied on coca cola Growth strategy Marketing Environments Microenvironment Macro environment Competitive environment Rivals \ competitor Competitive advantage Market Segmentation & Positioning Strategy Market segmentation Coke segmentation strategy

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Product Strategy Level of coke as a product Branding



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Executive Summary:


he Coca-Cola Company is a global business enterprise and one of two main soft drink sellers. Study of this report helps the reader to know that how Coca-Cola has achieved its current market position. This report enlightens those factors that company has adopted during its long journey of 52 years in Pakistan. This report includes the introduction, micro and macro environment factors affecting coke, segmentation and positioning strategy and advertising methods that company uses and much more. The reader of this report can expect that after having complete study he/she can certainly have a broader view of the operations of Coca-Cola in Pakistan. Like who are the competitors, what are the problems that company facing in expanding its business etc. In Pakistan Coca-Cola is very much a local business and company has provided this region with 51 successful years of service. The dedicated service that company has been providing has made the company the proud holder of several most widely recognized brands in the world. This report study gives reader the idea about operation of coke in Pakistan.




Vision of coca cola

To achieve sustainable growth, we have established a Vision with clear goals: •

People: Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Planet: Being a responsible global citizen that makes a difference.

Portfolio: Bringing to the world a portfolio of beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy peoples' desires and needs.

Partners: Nurturing a winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty.

Profit: Maximizing return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities






ission statement is a statement of organization’s purposes that what it wants to accomplish. In order to achieve mission of increasing market share and maintaining good relations with our customers all over the world, we wish to create value for all the constraints we serve, including our consumers, our bottlers, and our communities. The Coca Cola Company creates value by executing business strategy guided by four key beliefs: • Customer is king; Customer demand drives everything we do. • Brand Coca Cola is the core of our business. • We will serve consumers a broad selection of the nonalcoholic ready-to–drink beverages they want to drink through out the day. • We will be the best marketers in the world. Everything we do is inspired by our enduring Mission:

• • •

To Refresh the body, mind, and spirit. To Inspire Moments of Optimism...through our brands and our actions. To Create Value and Make a Difference...everywhere we engage.



We are guided by...
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