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Coca-Cola Zero or Coke Zero is a product of the Coca-Cola Company. It is a sugar-free variation of Coca-Cola. Coke Zero is Coca-Cola's biggest product launch in 22 years, and primarily targets young adult males. In the U.S., advertising has reflected that by describing the drink as "calorie-free" rather than "diet", since that demographic associates diet drinks with women.


Coca-Cola Zero is a sugar-free, zero calories soft drink produced and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company. This product can benefit people who assist in weight lossing and lower the chance having dental problem. The Coca Cola Company owes the largest distributor in the world, its products can be easily bought anywhere. Some people have tried coke zero and felt the taste is same as original one; it can not give them surprise on the taste. Besides, Coke Zero contain too many chemical ingredients fpr making the artificial sweetened. People may question if the artifiicial sweeteners are good for health. Even though there are some weaknesses about Zero.Coca Cola Company still have strong confidence to launch Zero. They use the cool design to attract youngsters. Since Coke Zero is a sugar-free product, it is suitable for diabetes. Hence, they can extend their market to absorb more customers. The major challenge is there are too many similar products exist in the market.for examples, Pepsi Max, Coke light…etc. Moreover, customers also get many other choices otherthan softdrick to buy, for examples, . i.e Sparking water, Juice….etc. To conclued, Zero still needs to put more effort to be promoted.

Market Targeting 
Our company objectives about Zero are to sell and introduce this new product to the young people. We also want to explain Zero can also be drunk by the diabetes. Finally, we want to let the public know that Zero has no sugar but still tastes the same as the original Coca-Cola. Our target consumer for Zero is basically divided into three groups: young males, young females and diabetes. For young males, they are the one who interest in seeking and trying something new and creative products. Secondly they like to drink a lot as they like outdoor activities and get dehydrated easily, so a soft drink like Zero will be a good choice for them. Moreover, Zero can satisfy their vision desire because of its cool and stylish design. For young females, they get interested in products that related to health. Luckily, Zero has concerned about their criteria and it will not get fat by drinking it. For diabetes, they are now getting a chance to drink soft drink – Zero, as it has no sugar. And to them, soft drinks will no longer be their prohibited drink anymore. Competitor Analysis

However, the Coca-Cola Company is not the only one who sells this kind of product to the consumer. Instead, we got some new and old competitors such as Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi/ Coca-Cola and the original Pepsi/ Coca-cola. So there are two types of competitors: one is competitor within the company itself and the competitor from outside. Both are our difficulties in selling product Zero. Here's the analysis of the main competitors of Zero,

Pepsi Max is the same kind of no-sugar-product as Zero, it has the same solgan ti promote the product "Maximum taste, No sugar". Its marketing position is also the same as Zero. Pepsi Max xontain low calories and is suitable for diates. As a result, consumers will make their own comparison and choose which one is the best between these two products. Secondly for people who love Diet Pepsi/ Coca-cola, they may consider which one is healthier, less sugar and more likely taste like the original ones.Coke ;ight can absorb the group of people who want to loss weight and who are diabetes. However, Coke light contains aspartame which is unhealthy for human beings. For those who love original Pepsi/ Coca-cola, they may not like Zero as they doubt the taste of Zero may not be the same as the original ones. Original coke lovers may think the long...
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