Dictatorship Vs Democracy

Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, Dictatorship, President of the United States Pages: 2 (300 words) Published: April 15, 2015
Dictatorship Vs Democracy

“Our flags will now feature a kangaroo!” said the dictator but the president said “Lets vote feature a kangaroo on our flags.” Dictatorship Vs Democracy, although they seem light years apart they have some interesting similarities. In a Dictatorship there is one leader who makes most or all of the decisions for the country. The dictator (usually a man) is very selfish. They often make big decisions which affect huge amounts of people based only on their own opinions and ideas. (Source: www.ricardovillarreal.com). The dictator will strike fear into everyone below him, and makes people follow his ideas or else they will be punished and in some cases death. Under a dictatorship there is less corruption because the leader is the only one in power. Also decisions like who to ally with or who and when to go to war take much less longer because there is no chain of command to go through. The dictator usually has taken power ether by bloodline or militant force. On the other hand a Democracy has many people with power, who are elected by the people of the country to represent them and their opinions and ideas, so in a sense the people have the power. The leaders such as, the president, the vice president (V.P.), congressmen, and Supreme Court justices. All of our leaders are kept in check by one another, but with so many people there is much more room for corruption and scandals. The leaders also don’t always meet the needs of the people because you can’t please everyone. In a Democracy decisions and laws are well thought out and voted on before they go into effect. In the case of a bad law or decision, there are many fail safe to keep order, unlike in dictatorship
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