Developing Yourself as a Hr Practisioner

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Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

Activity 2
2.1 – Customer Needs
As a Human resource practitioner it involves giving customers a service which is professional and helpful towards the customer whether it is an internal customer or an external customer. Both require you to give them a good service. Customers and their needs

* Managers – May need reports, such as information on how many holidays every employee has taken so far this year, or how many days of sick an employee has had.

* Employees – Need guidance, advice or just some-one to talk to, of their work or personal issues.

* Job applicants – Feedback from their interview, if the job applicant hasn’t been successful then they may want to know why. Therefore if a feedback form is done they can send it of to the unsuccessful job applicant.

2.2 - Communication
Communication is a big role if you are HR practitioner as this is what is needed continuously to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. It also keeps you and your team organised. There are many ways of communicating, which can be done internally and externally very effectively to keep everyone informed and up to date. Some of these communication methods could be:

* Meetings – The advantages of meetings are that everything can be spoke about one to one or can be team meetings, with this everyone can have their opinion and get a response immediately. However the disadvantages may be that not everyone may agree with an opinion. For example if you are having a meeting with a director/manager you may not get the information you intended to receive. This could course a bad working relationship between the both of you.

* Email – The advantages of email are that information gets to the recipient immediately; it is also easy to use and gets urgent messages across quickly. On the other hand messages may be read wrong and misinterpreted to the reader. Also some messages go into...
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