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Developing the Philippine Coffee Industry

By joshbugay00 Jan 12, 2013 312 Words

Coffee, first brought to the Philippines by a Franciscan friar in 1749, is now the most consumed beverage next to water, and the second most bought item next to sauces and seasonings, a study showed. Coffee is an integral part of the Filipino meal as shops continue to sprout in Metro Manila and in highly urbanized cities. Café Vanilla is the sole coffee shop located in BF Resort Village in Las Pinas City. It is the only place where people can have their coffee and place to stay. It does the whole work of providing quality coffee for the entire vicinity. It caters to students and working people who are nowadays, having the trend of conversation while in the coffee shop. Café Vanilla was organized and started its operations on Dec 2011. It is a family owned, which means it is a family business owned by the following people: Maria Nerissa Cordoba, Jose Francisco Cordoba & Joshua Padel Adana. The purpose of this study is for the readers to find out how Café Vanilla is performing and how it is able to maintain a strong and consistent performance, and also what can still be done for it to improve operations and for the readers to know what Café Vanilla is doing right to maintain its business operations. It’s strength is that; they have no competitors surrounding them which will gave them more opportunity to cater. We researchers selected this topic because we find great interest if Café Vanilla is willing to expand their business through franchising or expanding by branching out, and when will be the best time for them to do it, and if it will be the wise thing to do. We the researchers are very positive on being the outcome of our thesis and we look to answer some questions that interested readers want to know about.

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