Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods

Topics: Employment, Leadership, Training Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods

Wendy Harms
MGT/210 Supervision and Leadership
Instructor: Nicole Dinan
Aug. 1, 2010

Test Your Leadership Style
My results after taking the leadership style questionnaire were: 17A x 4% = 0.68%
8 B x 4% = 0.32%
The kind of leader that I fell under after the final results was: The Leader
Your idea of fulfilling work is to motivate and guide co-workers to achieve their best and to reach common goals in their work by functioning in harmony. You are the sort of person who simply enjoys watching people grow and develop. You are commonly described as patient and encouraging in your dealings with people and a determined self-starter in your own motivation. Since you have a natural ability for inspiring top performances, there’s usually little turnover among your employees, and staff relations are harmonious. At times, however, you may be too soft on people or overly patient when their performance lags. Where people are concerned, you may be too quick to let emotions get in the way of business judgments. Overall, you’re the visionary type, not the day-to-day grinder. Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods

How I would go about determining effective orientation and training methods: I would first put together three different folders. The first folder would have information regarding the company and the company’s history. The second folder would have information regarding the company’s benefits, company directory, policies and procedures. The third folder would be the employee training manual and with the training agenda. For a good leader to be successful in giving an effective orientation with training methods, the leader must be able to keep the new employee’s attention and making sure that they have a full understanding of the company, their job responsibilities and how to do their job. The leader also needs to make all of the new employees that...
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