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1.1 discuss the planning phase of construction projects including legal restraints; planning constraints; building regulations; building control; disabled access; current legislation. (P1)

The planning phase of construction projects can be divided into three stages as appraisal, strategy briefing and feasibility.

In the appraisal stage, we know that the client wants to build a speculative office which has high quality and use green materials with low CO2 emissions and less wastes, particularly can make profits. We need to find out the possible constraints for the project due to the site location we known. Then we tell the client all the situation and wait for his decision whether the proposal goes on.

Once the client agrees to continue, we can go to the strategy briefing stage. In this stage, we need to find out the regulation, legal restraints and planning constraints.

According to Hong Kong regulation, all proposals for new buildings in private sector require approval by the Buildings Department authorities.

According to Building (Planning) Regulations chapter 123F, there are two staircases in the new building in our design. The staircases have a clear height of not less than 2 m and width of not less than 900 mm. The staircases would be constructed with treads not less than 225 mm in width and with risers not exceeding 175 mm in height.

For means of escape of office, the longest travel distance should not be over 30 meters. Every person should occupy at least 9 m2 on each storey. There should be two exits for each storey and every exit should have a lighting with 30 lux. The height of exit should not be less than 2000mm. The width of the exit door and exit route should not be less than 850mm and 1050mm respectively.

According to the Design Manual - Barrier Free Access 2008, a ramp of disable access shall not be less than 1050 mm in width. No ramp shall be steeper than 1 in 12 gradient. A clear space of not less than 1500 mm x 1500 mm...
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