Describe Roles and Responsibilities of: A. School Governors. B. Senior Management Team. C. Other Statutory Roles E.G. Senco. D. Teachers. E. Support Staff.

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TASK3, Describe roles and responsibilities of: A. school governors. B. senior management team. C. other statutory roles e.g. SENCO. D. teachers. E. support staff. A)

Responsibilities of school governors are to ensure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, setting targets for pupil achievements, managing the schools finances, reviewing staff performance and pay as well as appointing staff. The size of the governing body ranges from minimum of 9 to a maximum of 20 schools. There are categories of governors including parent governors who are elected by other parents although the governing body can appoint if sufficient parents stand. Staff governors the head teacher is a member by virtue of their office. Both teaching and support staff are eligible for staff governorship and are elected by the school staff, volunteers at the school are ineligible. Local education authority governors are appointed by the local authority. Community governors are appointed by the governing body to represent community interests. Community governors can be people who live or work in the community served by the school. Foundation and partnership governors are appointed by schools founding body, church or other...
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