Delivering Lifelong sector

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Delivering Lifelong Learning (DLLS) Theory Assignment
Outcome 1b: Appropriate methods of communication
Feedback I used feedback to checking learning took place among learners. The feedback asked various questions regarding the sessions and how it was delivered. Therefore by doing so I can use also feedback from learners to reflect on my teaching styles inform better teaching and learning practice. Presentation With the changing nature of teaching and learning the use of power point presentation is increasingly becoming important part of session delivery. It also captures various learning styles and help learners to improve and be familiar with the use of ICT in their learning. Written Questions Written questioners can be used in various setting during teaching and learning process and can come in the form of essay writing. This form of communication is used to test the learners ` subject knowledge and also to improve learners` function skills (ITC, communication skills, literacy and numeracy) Discussion As a teacher, I use discussions to help learners with their learning and to discuss their welfare or support needs. Discussion is also a form of assessment and this mean it is a two way communication of which a learner ask questions. So discussions are important part of teaching and learning because it enables both teachers and learners to discuss issues relating to course work.Internet Worldwide web play a major role in teaching and learning, with new strategies such as blended and distance learning, the availability communication technology enable both teaching and learning to take place. So in this regard, I use email to communicate with learners informing them of about their progress in the course. I use also Skype to deliver session. Communicating with other bodies Learning requires a lot of support from various organizations and professional bodies. For successful teaching and learning to take place teacher have a duty to discuss the welfare of...
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