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Outcome 1

Describe how a learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities (O1.1)

At the beginning of each term I receive a term plan from both key stages. These plans contain the subjects which are being taught and the main learning objective for that term. With this plan I can then research anything which I am unfamiliar with and also to discuss with the teacher ways in which the subjects and objectives can be taught.

On Monday morning I sit down with the teacher to review the weekly plan. This is a more detailed plan of the upcoming lessons and contains:

* The Learning Objective - what you want the children to learn from the lesson, the learning objective is small and achievable. * The Success Criteria - What specifically you are looking for from the children. * Assessment - How you are going to assess the lesson.

* Resources - What resources you need for the lesson.
* Session Outline – how the lesson will be formed. The activities you plan will help the children achieve the success criteria for that lesson. In a ‘typical’ lesson this will normally include some ‘shared learning’ (i.e. teacher led learning) and either group work and/or independent learning * Additional adults- What the role of any additional adults which are in the class (e.g. teaching Assistants, Parents etc.) While reviewing this plan I can put forward any of my ideas and if I have a particular interest or knowledge in an area I can let the teacher know in order for them utilize this. During the lesson I take Mental and physical notes in order to relay back to the teacher what I witnessed about if the lesson was successful in reaching the learning objective. This information can then be used in planning future lessons.
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