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Most people don’t realize how many definitions every word has. There is one main definition that comes to mind, but never the smaller and less common uses. In order to find out all the definitions one can research in an online dictionary such as the Oxford English Dictionary. An example of one of these words is hand. It not only has more than one definition, but it is also more than one part of speech. People use their hands every day, probably without realizing how useful they are; this essay goes into more detail about 5 other definitions and the root of the word.

The first use of the word hand is a noun and the part of your arm attached to your wrist with four fingers and a thumb. It is used for holding things, gesturing, using objects and more. She grabbed her son by the hand when they were walking through times square so he wouldn't get lost. There is one student in my class that always raises her hand to get the teacher's attention, but doesn’t always know the answer to the question. Those were two ways the word hand could be used as a body part, which is how it is most commonly used. It could also mean being in possession of something. For example, I left the responsibility of the class in her hands, hoping that she can control the kids. And, the second part of the project...

A hand contains 27 bones that allow it to do many different things. The root of the word hand is man, which is also the root of the word human. This is interesting because without your hand, one would be limited and restricted from doing so many things. Your hand is one of the main body parts that allows you to complete everyday tasks and activities. Think of the limitations one would have without hands including eating, texting, gesturing, picking up an object and so much more. People take for granted the usefulness of the hand and should be appreciated more the in...
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