A Literary Analysis Of The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

Topics: Family, Mother, The Metamorphosis Pages: 3 (563 words) Published: September 16, 2015

Paper 1: Literary Analysis
The Metamorphosis
By sketching the disability that the protagonist of "The Metamorphosis" has the
author transfers a message that being a human does not mean having a body, head,
hands, and legs; also it does not mean to have a brain which distinguishes us from the
other creatures and makes us an intelligent animal. Actually, "Franz Kafka" shows that
emotions, feeling and humanitarian treatments is the key of the human differentiation to
be recognized than the other creatures, and without these specifications human
becomes as an animal or a bug.
Kafks uses the meaning of “insect” as become nothing or a pipsqueak to
illustrate his view to the diseases and patients, besides to the patients’ relations with the
closest people to them. Indeed, he starts his...

The family members who used to depend on Gregor to survive changed to the degree
that they forget him as if he is jailed in his room; their fear and mercy looks and
emotions become ignoring action towards him. In addition, this change illustrates how
life is tough so the closest people will change toward the person who gave his life to
them whenever they are not getting any benefit from him.
The author keep focusing on Gregor’s family change after his transformation into
useless creature “In the first two weeks his parents could not bring themselves to come
in to see him…” and his family keep neglecting him until he starts to feel that this family
not his anymore “Gregor was a member of the family who should not treated as an
enemy…”. Actually, even his sister tried to show some sympathies with him but at the
end she as the rest of the family let him lives his loneliness alone until he die alone
suffering of his body and spirit diseases.
The fact that the story focuses on is that many people have short memories and
even any of us sacrificed our live for them they will forget that soon. At that point,
humans becomes as animals or bugs without any feeling or emotion the only thing...
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