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Definition Essay

The famed Eton is a very prestigious academy and one of the greatest boarding high schools in the world. It has educated nineteen British Prime ministers and generations of aristocracy and has been referred to as the chief nurse of England’s statesman. One third of the alumni go to either Cambridge or Oxford. There are dozens of societies or clubs dedicated to religions, books and music. It is the definition of class and high society,

Robert E Lee High is school located in Balcones heights neighborhood in San Antonio. It has three magnet programs that exist as an attempt to add value to the school by attracting quality students from quality schools. Fights breakout daily, and reduced lunch is a common sight. The walls need maintenance, the paint is peeling. This school is so inadequate at teaching it might as will be a daycare for teenagers.

The differences between an academy and a school are much like the difference between a pampered dog and an abused dog. The pampered dog slowly grows fat at all the food and treatment while the abused one grows thin and ill due to all the abuse. Both are dogs, but the separate environments set them apart characteristically. There are of course many different institutions, education centers, learning centers etc. However academy and school are the pinnacles of the polar opposites of quality education.

To progress further with explaining as to why these words are different you have to go to the actual structure of the words academy comes from the root Latin word Academia. Which is the school where the philosopher Plato came from? This gives the word an aura of affluence. Whereas school comes from the old English word scole. This gives it a simple, homely feel. These roots help our influence in how we envision these words. An academy is seen as a beautiful prestigious palace filled with wealthy brilliant children...
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