Describe why schools have policies and procedures

Topics: School types, Key Stage Pages: 3 (536 words) Published: October 14, 2014
205.1.1/1.2-Identify the main types of state and independent schools and describe the characteristics of different types of schools in relation to educational stages and school governance.

The majority of state funded schools are maintained by local authorities and follow the national curriculum, national pay and conditions, they are overseen by local authority. The differences over state schools are who their staff, who owns the land and buildings and who controls admissions for example. Community schools are run by local authority and the local authorities employs the staff, owns the land and buildings and decide the admission policy. However, foundation and trust schools are run by the governing body but are maintained by local authority. They employ their own staff and decide their own admissions policy and the land and building are usually owned by the governing body or charity and is non-profitable. Both examples follow the national curriculum and the educational key stages. Key stage 1: 3-5 yrs

Key stage 2: 5-7 yrs
Key stage 3&4: 11-16 yrs
Key stage 5: 16-18yrs
Every state school has a governing body, the type and size of the school will decide the size of the governing body. The responsibilities vary for example community schools governing body consists of a specific number of governors for various categories, the following categories are parent governor, staff governor, authority governor and community governor. Foundation and trust schools usually decide their own governing body. Both have the role of monitoring schools process and setting targets. So basically they are both state school, but local authority runs community and foundation and run by governing body but maintained my LEA.

Independent schools are not maintained by local authority or central government, they do not have to follow national curriculum but most choose to do so. The head and the governors decide on admission policies and staffing and the framework and...
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