Define, Then Compare and Contrast the Prison and the Jail Systems.

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: April 19, 2012
The next piece in the three parts that make up the criminal justice system is the corrections system. This week we will examine corrections, the major goals of contemporary sentencing, who is sentenced, and how these sentences are formulated. Please respond to all three of the following prompts:

* Define, then compare and contrast the prison and the jail systems.

Jail is a place of detention, a place where an individual convicted or suspected of a crime is tained. Jail holds people accused under federal, state , county and or city. Jails people awaiting trial, people sentenced for a short duration, typically less than a year. Jails are run by the county sheriffs departments

Jails are used for short sentence or trail, detainees, suspicious people under trail are also kept under jail. Jail has fewer amenities for convicts as compare to a prison Jails are within the county where the individual is arrested, typically they are intended to hold an inmate for less than one year. Jail is like a rehabilation center for individuals who are under trial and not convicted, they are given a chance to improve and resettle themselves after their bail.

Prison inmates have been tried and convicted of crimes,while those in jail may be awaiting trial. People convicted of crimes, sentenced for a longer term
Run by the prisons and corrections office in the respective states, there are also federal prison. Prison is a place of long-term comfinement for those convicted of serious crimes. Prison is under the jurisdiction of either federal or state, while the jail holds people accused under federal,state,county and or city. Prisons have a tight security and more amenities for the inmates Prison is a penitentiary used to housed convicted criminals.

*  Jails are consider short-term stays and prisons are considered long-term stays *  Jails are ran by sheriffs and local government and are holding inmates waiting trail or serving time less than 364 days/year.

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