There Are Six Different Types Of Prisons

Topics: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (1355 words) Published: March 23, 2015
There are six different types of prisons; juvenile, minimum, medium and high security as well as Psychiatric and military types. Juvenile are for criminals under the age of 18 that commit a crime. The underage criminals are never locked up with the adults instead they are placed in a facility that is designed exclusively for juniors of the criminal acts. Minimum security saved for criminals who have committed acts such as embezzlement or fraud nothing too serious like murder. Minimum have fewer guards and have personal time freedom, like yard time. Medium security prisons are the standard facilities used to host most of the other criminals who have committed a higher crime. They have cage-style housing, armed guards, and a much more regimented daily routine than minimum security. High security are prisons for the more dangerous criminal such as murderers, they are more violent and dangerous due to this fact they have far more guards and less time for freedom, everyone is confined to their own cell and considered all high risk. Psychiatric criminals who are deemed to be mentally unfit or insane are sent to psychiatric prisons that are made to look like and operate like hospitals. Once there, the inmates or patients, receive psychiatric help for their mental disability. Psychiatric prisons are made and intended to try and help people with their disorder as opposed to just confining them as a means of punishment. Military prisons every branch of military has their own prison systems and facilities that are used specifically for military personnel who have committed a crime that affects national security or on other occasions house prisoners of war. The treatment of these prisoners has been a to a debate recently, and the definition of torture for the enemy has become a controversial and became a popular discussion topic.

According to "What’s The Difference Between Jail And Prison?" (2002), "Insert the quotation” (para. 1-6). “Jails are most often run by...
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