Topics: Prison, Crime, Recidivism Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: August 17, 2013
A very good morning ladies and gentlemen, before I get this debate going on, let me just voice out that this house believes that Custodial Sentence should not be abolished and one of the main factors of that , my beloved audience, is for the protection of public. The protection everyone in the audience and the society !

Basically, Imprisonment means to put the criminals behind bars to keep them away from the public. in this case, offenders such as murderers, rapists and robbers from whom the public clearly requires protection should be located at. Therefore long-term imprisonment sentence is an OBVIOUS solution to it.

My fellow audience, I hope you can think of this matter logically and analytically. In the UK, it is shown by the evidence gathered from the prison population over there is 97000 and increasing !!! So, since our very perplexed proponents are suggesting that the Custodial Sentence are to be abolished making community sentences to be given to the criminals. Now my respected audience can you imagine that this 97000 offenders are out on the open doing community service. The risk it brings to us all.

ARE you aware of what our proponents are trying to do? They are actually so confused right now. Ladies and gentlemen how can you expect a small number of policeman or officer or supervisor , in this case the UK to take control of all the prisoners who are outside at the open doing community services. Can you imagine terrorists, murderers, rapists, robbers at the old folk’s home fixing the roofs, cleaning the parks when innocent children are running around not knowing that those who are potentially dangerous are just around them? How would you feel watching criminals doing community service. Perhaps the first thought that came into your mind would be, ‘great, this guy is serving the community’, but then, the second thought that struck your mind would probably be ‘Oh MY God’, is he a murderer? Or is he a rapist, let’s stay away from...
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