Decoration Report

Topics: Problem solving, Disco Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Organizing of the banquet is a great opportunity and an excellent chance to try yourselves in different areas, to apply skills on practice and to get a memorable experience. What did I learn?
Once distributed positions within departments I realized importance of each person in a whole team. I was lucky to get position of Decoration Manager as I wanted. Decoration manager need to be not only creative and have a good imagination but also have well-developed organizational skills. I realized that I need to be a good listener as well as to know how to solve problems and to make decisions fast, to be efficient and to be a guide for decoration team. As a Decoration Manager I had to show my passion to work and to be an example of hard working person so decoration team was following me. For me that was really important experience to learn how to work with people and to organize them because I have never done that before. Also I could make come try and develop my creative ideas. My second role was to be in service team in the day of banquet. Service is one of the most important parts of the banquet. Even if there are in stress situations, service team need to be calm to find the best solutions and to do their work professional way.

Other important points that I have learned is importance of good communication and personal characteristics such as to be patient. All people are different, in our case all of us are from different countries, backgrounds etc. We have different habits and characters but we need to work together and to know how to deal with our problems. Good communication helps to avoid many problems. When everyone knows what is happening in each department it is easier to control whole process and get some new ideas or suggestions from other people. My contribution

I liked working together for our banquet. It was interesting for me not only to work with decorations but also to participate in activities of other departments. I was attending all...
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