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Work Experience in Hair Solon

By ctbart Nov 23, 2008 597 Words
Work experience

“Would u help me…….?” Ten minutes later…. “Would you help me……?”Seriously, I love doing what my employer asked me to do rather than sitting in the staff room and listening to my I-POD! I was working in a hair salon in Dorking for work experience. The first few days it was quite boring as there were only a few clients. But until Thursday and Friday my work experience became interesting! My work was mainly based on shampooing, serving the clients with tea or coffee, washing the towels, folding the towels, watching cups etc. After chatting with the stylist in the hair salon, I realized that most of them are younger than me! I was very surprise as they were already working in the society when they were only 17 years old .Actually I admired them a lot as they are capable in looking after themselves and also looking after me! I learnt different skills in communicating with different kind of people as different kind of people have different characteristics. I am interested in shampooing as you have to be very skilful so that the water won’t leak everywhere and you have to make the client feeling comfortable. I noticed that you have to gain the trust from the client for washing their hair. I remember that when they first saw me they were worrying about their hair. They worried that I wouldn’t be capable to wash their hair properly. I could see this from they eye sight when they first saw me. But then at the end what they told me were “You have done a great job” or” You are brilliant”. At that time, I felt really happy .I have learnt that if I put an effort in doing something, I will get something back at the end. I spent 2 days in observing how to wash client’s hair and the effort which I put during the 2 days helped me to gain trust from the customers and have built up my confidence. I have learnt to be on time and be responsible during the work experience but overall the most important key to success is you must have a sense of humour and you have to be good at socialising. You will meet different kind of people everyday and the first impression u gave to the people who u meet is not your appearance but you way of talking or you character. Nobody likes people who are boring, all the employer love their employee to be creative and kind of talkative. Everyone was asking me if I want to be a hair dresser in the future. I have thought of being a hair dresser before the work experience but after the work experience my answer will be definitely NO.I am not afraid of tiring job but the main reason which changed my thinking of not being a hair dresser is it takes years to be a hair dressers. If you are talented it may only take you a few years but if you are not, you may have to take at least 6 years. I think that it will be a waste of time in doing this job as you may get nothing at the end even u put a lot of effort in it. Overall, my work experience was brilliant and I love it. I kept saying that it was boring because I had to do the same thing everyday .But when I thought deeply, what I shall expect as when life is like that.

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