Decision Making Tools

Topics: Management, Employment, Business process modeling Pages: 8 (942 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Assignment - 3

Case study on System Design and Acquisition

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Three month operational plan for the Application Tracking System:

|S.No |Process |Duration in months | |1 |Logical phase analysis and requirement specification identification and gathering for the new e-HR |1.5 month | | |functionalities | | |2 |Physical design and determining the stakeholder views along with data and process plan |1 month | |3 |Process flow representation, decision on vendor proposal |.5 month |

Answer: 1 a

As per the case study Larson property management has depended on legacy HRIS processing system, since system has not be supporting to accumulation on the employee growing database and misplacing of the records and insertion of the data is currently done by manual process, with this scenario we need to analysis the logical process of the existing system and then further action to be taken to rectify this issues which is occurring in HRIS. Logical process will be carried out in the first phase to analysis the existing system and finding out weather it can adopt to up gradation process on the existing business model, if not then as per organization business requirements the translation or transformation will be carried out to improve business process, specifically on Application Tracking System on the basis of anywhere anytime model through web based application system. Process flow will be identified exactly and incorporated on system. Entity to process, process to database and processes to process will be logically mapped to improve system.

Physical design will be considered as secondary phase since it deals with hardware and software section.If logic are not properly projected then all the flaws will occur on the system at initial stage itself. In the book Good to Great, Collins (2001) suggests difference between good companies and great companies is that good companies view technology as a solution where as great companies see technology as a tool to be used to support great business processes.

Answer: 1 b

In our case study the point of misplacement of records occurrence happened due to lacking in system processes

|Data View ATS |Process View of ATS | |Data are permanent and stable (static) |Efficient and effective utilization will be build on relationship and | | |dependencies of the processes | |Data need to captured through automation |Once datum has been processed automatic storage of datum will be | | |initiated | |Online submission of application system will be place to submission of|Customization process will be done on the process view for the fastest| |the records |retrieval of datum | |Desirable data will be retrieved through key terms of search |Business process will be concentrated and given high priority to do | |optimization |relationship and dependency identification for smooth retrieval, | | |sorting...
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