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Topics: Decision making, Microsoft, Decision theory Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: April 29, 2006
Visual Decision co-founders, Alexandre Cvetkovic and Guy Arsenault, spent 15 years researching decision making technology before coming up with Decision Lab 2000 ( Visual Decision has world wide clients. Some of them include NASA-Stennis Space Center(U.S.A), Michelin(Brazil), National University Athens(Greece), and Civil Engineering, QUT(Australia).

Decision Lab 2000 is designed for multicriteria decisions. This software utilizes two methods for decision making, the PROMETHEE(preference ranking organization method for enrichment evaluations) and the GAIA(geometrical analysis for interactive learning). Both of these methods are considered among the easiest and most efficient. By allowing the user to try their own what if situations, one can "improve the quality and the reliability of your decision-making processes".

By allowing you compare strengths and weaknesses side by side and giving graphical representations, Decision Lab 2000, would be a very helpful tool in making decisions. This software would also be easy to integrate into most businesses, since it is designed for use with all Windows plat forms. Decision Lab 2000 would also be easy to learn. It is very similar to Microsoft Excel. Decision Lab 2000 also allows the user to copy data sets from Microsoft Excel into Decision Lab 2000.

Decision Lab 2000 would affect how a decision maker frames their decisions. The software would allow you to put your decisions into terms of gains or loses. Decision Lab 2000 also allows for multiple decision makers to input multiple scenarios, for a better look at the possible outcomes.
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