Bsat 303 Final Study Guide 1

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Roman G. Fall 2012
bsat 303: Final Exam Study Guide
Note: The study guide should be used along with the classroom lectures I posted to Moodle, your personal notes from my lectures, and the information found within the chapters.

HTML (Basic knowledge and example code)
o Tags, Hyperlinks, Emails, Images

HTML – the language you use to create a Web site


Hyperlink Visit MTV


To insert an image

Steps in Decision Support Systems
o Decision support system (DSS) – a highly flexible and interactive system that is designed to support decision making when the problem is not structured
o Decision support systems help you analyze, but you must know how to solve the problem, and how to use the results of the analysis


Model management component – consists of both the DSS models and the model management system
o Data management component – stores and maintains the information that you want your DSS to use
o User interface management component – allows you to communicate with the DSS Types of Decisions (Structured, Nonstructured, Recurring, Nonrecurring) o Structured decision – processing a certain information in a specified way so that you will always get the right answer

o Nonstructured decision – one for which there may be several “right” answers, without a sure way to get the right answer
o Recurring decision – happens repeatedly
o Nonrecurring (ad hoc) decision – one you make infrequently Artificial Intelligence, Geographic information System, Expert System, Swarm intelligence o Artificial intelligence, the science of making machines imitate human thinking and behavior, can replace human decision making in some instances

 Expert systems
 Neural networks (and fuzzy logic)

Roman G. Fall 2012




 Genetic algorithms
 Intelligent agents (or agent-based technologies)
Geographic information system (GIS) – DSS designed specifically to analyze spatial information  Spatial information is any information in map form
 Businesses use GIS software to analyze information, generate business intelligence, and make decisions
Expert (knowledge-based) system – an artificial intelligence system that applies reasoning capabilities to reach a conclusion
 Used for
 Diagnostic problems (what’s wrong?)
 Prescriptive problems (what to do?)
Swarm (collective) intelligence – the collective behavior of groups of simple agents that are capable of devising solutions to problems as they arise, eventually learning to coherent global patterns

 Flexibility – adaptable to change
 Robustness – tasks are completed even if some individuals are removed  Decentralization – each individual has a simple job to do

Types of Intelligent agents and Information Agents
o Intelligent agent – software that assists you, or acts on your behalf, in performing repetitive computer-related tasks
o Types
 Information agents
 Information Agents – intelligent agents that search for information of some kind and bring it back
 Ex: Buyer agent or shopping bot – an intelligent agent on a Web site that helps you, the customer, find products and services you want
 Monitoring-and-surveillance or predictive agents
 Monitoring-and-surveillance (predictive) agents – intelligent agents that constantly observe and report on some entity of interest, a network, or manufacturing equipment, for example
 Data-mining agents
 Data-mining agent – operates in a data warehouse discovering information  User or personal agents
 User or personal agent – intelligent agent that takes action on your behalf  Examples:
o Prioritize e-mail
o Act as gaming partner
o Assemble customized news reports
o Fill out forms for you
o “Discuss” topics with you
Pivot tables, Filtering, Conditional Formatting
o Pivot table – enables you to group and summarize information  Shows summaries of information by dimension
 Can be...
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