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Working title :
Contemporary use of business intelligence systems in Swedish IT Companies Main theme :
The project aims to make a summary of the application and importance of business intelligence systems in the business decisions taken by leading Swedish companies. New management systems are now making their way into the market helping the business run better in more efficient way. Due to the fast paced implementation of those systems it is important to understand the directions different companies have taken when choosing particular system and how that system is improving the business decisions that are made. Research questions :

1.Which type of BI systems are the most used and effective and what a good BI system consists of? 2. In what businesses and fields are BI systems most helpful and efficient? 3. How quickly results can be seen after integrating a new BI system, opinions of the team if the change was worth it ?

Outline of argument or position :
We want to show to the many people working and interested of having a career in IT one clear presentation of the contemporary and current application of the modern technologies in the business affairs of a company. Many students and junior professionals lack an idea and understanding how the artifacts and subjects they study and develop can improve in practice the profits of one company. Links to wider IS issues ( potential area to draw on and to make a contribution to) : Business intelligence and data management systems as well as decision support systems are a main part of the business nowadays but need to be presented better to the wider public in order to receive a bigger attention and attract the spotlight for their future business integration Links to syllabus of other units within the degree ( useful material to draw on) : Business and information system architectures, data governance, metadata management, unstructured data, reporting and analysis tools Key words or phrases to use in an online search e.g. of the ACM Digital Library : business intelligence , data management , knowledge presentation , ERP, SOA Alternative ways to research the topic and to collect data ( examples of others work in the field ): For the background of the study and the literature review many relevant articles from digital online libraries and journals posted in - ACM , IEEE, ISWORLD need to be explored. The next step of the project will rely on surveys through conducting interviews and questionnaires to be presented to managers and IT professionals in Swedish IT Companies. Required resources and issues of access :

The mentioned digital libraries will give a startup of our research. Other useful sources will be online videos in sites as YouTube in order to get a quick idea of the problem in a short amount of time. For the survey part of the project , a lot of communication will be required with the IT companies. Our team will aim to make face to face interviews where allowed and contact as many companies as possible in the data collection process. Assessment of required skills or techniques :

Good analytical skills will be required in order to draw conclusions from the various data collected. No vast previous experience in BI would be required but would be helpful to kick-start the project in the right direction as well as knowledge when to stop collecting information. Good communication skills will be required for the person contacting the companies as well as local knowledge of the Swedish IT market. References to 5 articles or books relevant to the topic and which you have read : A Service-oriented Architecture for Business Intelligence , Liya Wu1, Gilad Barash1, Claudio Bartolini Approach to Building and Implementing Business Intelligence Systems , Celina M. Olszak and Ewa Ziemba , University of Economics, Katowice, Poland...

References: Approach to Building and Implementing Business Intelligence Systems , Celina M. Olszak and Ewa Ziemba , University of Economics, Katowice, Poland
Business Intelligence and Data Management Tech Pack Launched ,Tuesday, April 10, 2012 ,
Decision support and business intelligence systems , Delen, Dursun; Sharda, Ramesh; Turban, Efraim , 2011
Managing Knowledge and Innovation ,Newell, S.; Robertson, M.; Scarbrough, H.; Swan, J
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