Database Normalization and Logical Process Concept Paper

Topics: Database normalization, Data modeling, Relational model Pages: 4 (1393 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Database Normalization and Logical Process Concept paper
This short paper will explain with a simple example the process and the need of normalization in the most of the business databases. Complete proposal break down (Timeline phases, Financial phases) will be submitted per management request. Overview

At first any database should be designed with the end user in mind. Logical database design, also referred to as the logical model, is the process of arranging data into logical, organized groups of objects that can easily be maintained. The logical design of a database should reduce data repetition or go so far as to completely eliminate it. The needs of the end user should be one of the top considerations when designing a database. We should remember trough all design process that the end user is the person who ultimately uses the database. There should be ease of use through the user's front-end tool (a client program that allows a user access to a database), but this, along with optimal performance, cannot be achieved if the user's needs are not taken into consideration. Some user-related research and design considerations in any business database include the following: What data should be stored in the database? How will the user access the database? What privileges does the user require? How should the data be grouped in the database? What data is the most commonly accessed? How is all data related in the database? What measures should be taken to ensure accurate data? Ultimately Data should not be redundant, which means that the duplication of data should be kept to a minimum for several reasons. As if data management were not difficult enough, redundancy of data could prove to be a disaster. Design Guidelines

The actual guidelines of normalization, normal forms, are the three most common normal forms in the normalization research, design and process include: The first normal form, the second normal form, the third normal form. Of the three normal...
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