Database Design Concept

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Apply the database development cycle to a given data set

Database development creates enterprise data modeling, which forms the range and wide-ranging contents of organizational databases. There are 5 phases in Database Development Cycle: Planning; Analysis; Design; Implementation and Maintenance.

In Planning Stage, the organization needs to know why do they need the database; what do they want the database to do; and how are they going to make the database. This is also where the organization will create a relevant department to handle the project and hiring a project manager. Project manager will determine the duration and the cost of the project.

After the organization creates the relevant department, the group will make any research whether is there any reliable resources or do they need to build up a new database (if there is no database has ever been installed before).

This is where all the real work starts. Design stage is to gather the different pieces of actual creation and design of a database that will create the database. So the group has to set up a database server; which software will be used to create a database (e.g. Access, Oracle, mySQL); and is there any other Database Management System (DBMS) will be needed.

Implementation is the 2nd last of the Database Development Cycle. After the designing stage is done, it is time to implement the database. This will include the maintenance of the database and any future updates or expansion of the database. This stage also is to test the database if there is any error with the database.

Database Administrator must prepare a repetitive maintenance accomplishment on the database system. This is to prevent losing of data as the database is storing a lot of data’s. So, Database Administrator has to make a backup for every data they stored.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the database solution and suggest methods of improvement for...
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