Database Design

Topics: Database, SQL, Database management system Pages: 4 (661 words) Published: March 28, 2015

Date: 20150216
Class: DBM/380

In this essay I'm going to be discussing what database systems are and how they are used. I will de speaking on and defining database architecture. I also will be discussing how database systems are used in my everyday life and at my workstation. We will start this off with the answer to “What is a database?”. A database is a compilation of related or like pieces of data. This information or data is gathered and maintained to serve the specific data management needs of the organization. The organizations activities are supported by the database that is created for it. For example, your local gas station has register pumps that work off of a database. This database has all the prices for every type of gas or diesel fuel sold. The gas station database is also hooked up to the cash registers on the inside of the station. So once you pump your gas outside, the database at the pumps store the information such as fuel cost, amount pumped and possibly credit card information if you decided to pay at pump. Now all of this information can be accessed through this database from the inside of the gas station and possibly the gas stations headquarter office. Databases are used to keep an accurate account of data for whatever the enterprise needs account of. Next question we have is “What is database architecture?”. Database architecture uses programming languages to design a certain type of software for a business or organizations use. This software helps break down the information for easy viewing. Through my research I found that there are three tiers on database architecture. These tiers are external, conceptual and internal levels. A quick run through for each tier, external level is for the users view that controls the programs and may be inputting the information. Conceptual level is the community view level that can be described...
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